Terms of Use - Group Subscription Option

The company has the option to either increase or decrease the number of people included as part of the group subscription. If the number of people falls below the option chosen above, your per-person, per-month charge will increase. If you exceed the option chosen above, the per-person, per-month charge will decrease based on the rate available at that time.

Group subscriptions are charged on a month-to-month basis. Company has the option to cancel at any time, and the access to all participants with the group subscriptions will be terminated immediately. There are no pro-rated refunds, or refund of set-up fees.

Monthly payments are to be made by credit card only or ACH debit. If the credit card fails (for whatever reason) the group subscription will be "suspended" until we can either re-run the credit card charge or a new credit card is provided.

If credit card is not charged within 45 days after the charge has failed, the group subscription account will be cancelled. If the company signs up after the 45-day time period, there will be an additional set-up fee charged.

All Articles are Copyrighted©
All articles are copyrighted. Subscribers can print articles during the subscription period. But we have to tell you that copying, distributing, uploading or emailing articles to outside parties violates copyright laws.

Use of Content
Charts, checklists, Mortgage Talking Points flyers, emails and content for blogs and forums are for the exclusive use of SUBSCRIBERS only. We do not allow non-subscribers to use the content. Subscribers to MortgageCurrentcy.com may redistribute and share "website articles" content with employees within their company for sales meetings and such.

However, subscribers CAN share charts, checklists, Mortgage Talking Points, and pre-written Facebook posts and Tweets with real estate agents and the general public. Subscribers are provided a "Saved Articles" page to save these documents for their business use.

Video classes can be shared as long as company uses Mortgage Currentcy's website to view/share videos. Downloading classes to company or personal computers is prohibited.

Mortgage Talking Points Content
Subscribers have the exclusive right to use the content in the Mortgage Talking Points and can add their name and contact info to redistribute to their real estate agents, builders and referral partners. Non-subscribers (or third-party entities) are not allowed to add their name or contact info and redistribute Mortgage Talking Points content.

Sharing of User Names and Passwords
Subscriber User Names and Passwords are intended solely for the use of the subscriber and are not to be shared with other persons, including other employees of the same company.

Ask the Experts Question Procedure
One of the huge benefits of being a subscriber is your ability to "Ask the Experts" your most pressing questions. Subscriber questions need to be submitted THROUGH THE WEBSITE FORM ONLY and they will be answered by email. Once a subscriber submits a question using the website form, the question is automatically directed to the person who specializes in that topic. No verbal questions (i.e., submitted by phone/email/text or private message) will be answered.

Change of Content
Since the rules and regulations change so frequently, we reserve the right to change, eliminate or update content without prior notice to you. Links to third-party websites may also change and we assume no responsibility if they have been changed or updated.

Change of Email Address/Employees
Company (or their administrator) is responsible for notifying Vendor of change of employees, change of email addresses, and adding or eliminating persons from the group membership.

Cancellation of the group subscription must be done by email or a phone call (800-535-3343). We suggest a phone call as emails could be lost or end up in a spam folder.

If company wishes to cancel the entire group subscription, company must cancel at least 24 hours BEFORE the renewal date. Subscription fees are non-refundable and are not pro-rated.

Publisher's Disclaimer
MortgageCurrentcy.com makes every effort to publish credible and responsible articles and advertisements. Inclusion of an article or product does not mean that it has been endorsed by the publisher or staff.

Material presented in MortgageCurrentcy.com is based on recent letters, bulletins and announcements from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA and other agencies that affect residential housing. ONLY information that affects front-end personnel (loan processors, loan officers, brokers and underwriters) is addressed. It is not comprehensive, and does not cover the entire letter, Bulletin, or Announcement. Great care has been taken to present accurate and essential information; however, MortgageCurrentcy.com does not speak for said agencies, and there is no guarantee as to the interpretations or inclusion of the agency and/or investor material. Also, the contents of Mortgage Currentcy.com, LLC are intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. Anyone needing specific advice should contact the appropriate agency and/or professional.

Your Right to Privacy
MortgageCurrentcy.com may, from time to time, provide subscriber information to advertisers. We do not provide subscriber information to any outside sources nor do we sell information from our database without notifying you first. We do provide 3rd party links to outside websites, and if you decide to link to these sites, we cannot guarantee your privacy.

Submission of Questions
Questions submitted by subscribers will become the property of MortgageCurrentcy.com. We may re-print subscriber questions/answers in the Q&A Issue, but the name of the subscriber or company will NOT be revealed.