Rules - August 10, 2016

Fannie Mae- HomeReady® Lender Documents Updated -SEL-2016-06-Dated July 26-2016 (Effective Immediately)

[Download Updated Chart – 97% Financing Options Comparison Chart – Effective 7-26-2016] AND [Download Mortgage Talking Points™, Fannie HomeReady­­® Mortgage Guidelines – Updated 7-16-2016] Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae has issued some big updates on their HomeReady® so more people qualify. Multiple documents that support the HomeReady® product have been updated, including: Homeownership Education and Housing [...]

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Compliance – Avoiding Pricing Disparity Issues by Documenting the Borrower Decisions

Rule Synopsis: Did you know that the number one reason for pricing disparity is a decision by the borrower? In fact, these decisions can mean the difference of up to a 1% interest rate differential. Try explaining that to an examiner without proper documentation! When we see broad statements in settlements or actions, we generally [...]

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