Rules - April 10, 2016

FHA Updates 203K Sample Documents – FHA Info #16-21 Revised. Effective 4-1-16

[4 Documents – FHA 203K Standard & Limited, Purchase and Refinance Transaction Forms] Rule Synopsis: FHA Info #16-21 announced that FHA published revised sample 203(k) Maximum Mortgage Calculation Resource Documents. Interpretive CommentsDue to a technical error, the Limited 203(k) Purchase Program document contained a reference to “Financeable Mortgage Payment Reserves,” which are not applicable to [...]

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Standardize Condominium Project Questionnaires to Increase Consistency and Improve Process (Effective 3-29-2016)

[Download Chart – Fannie/Freddie Condo Project Questionnaire (Short Form & Full Form) ] Rule Synopsis: Fannie and Freddie issue a standardized Condo questionnaire! Contact me for a copy! In an effort to align more information that can work with the Uniform Mortgage Data Program, or UMDP, the Federal Housing Finance Agency made a request to [...]

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Fannie Mae Announces Free Online Marketing Center – April 2016

Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae has created a free online marketing resource center for lenders, originators and other housing professionals. All of the marketing materials on this online center are customizable. The available features to customize these materials include: Being able to showcase your own logo Add your contact information Customize the colors of the materials [...]

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Fannie Mae: HomeStyle™ Renovation Energy Efficient Loans, Financing Multiple Properties, Co-ops, Flood Insurance for Condo Projects, Misc. Updates. Announcement SEL-2016-03 (Dated March 29, 2016)

[Download Mortgage Talking Points™ flyers, Fannie – Using HomeStyle™ Energy Loans to Sell More Homes] and [Comparison Chart, HomeStyle™ Renovation vs. HomeStyle™ Energy] Rule Synopsis: Fannie Introduces HomeStyle™ Energy Mortgages to help homebuyers improve energy efficiency-Call Me! Fannie Mae is updating their selling guide on various topics. These include the following updates: Introducing HomeStyle™ Energy [...]

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