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Fannie Mae will allow Accessory Unit or Boarder income on their HomeReady program. For some clients, this extra income makes a big difference. Comment below, and I’ll send you a fact sheet.

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VA has issued multiple bulletins which have substantially changed their Interest Rate Reduction Loans. Before you apply for a VA refinance, contact me first and let’s review those changes to make sure the program still works for you!

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A large percentage of the population is nearing or at retirement age. If you are considering downsizing or evaluating your current mortgage, I can assist you by helping to navigate all of the loan requirements for retirement income, pensions and assets as income. Contact me to discuss your plan.

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If you receive overtime income, lenders will look at something called income trending. This tells a lender if the overtime is consistent or trending up or down. How much of the overtime they allow to qualify for a loan depends on how the income is trending.

Related Article Title: How do I calculate overtime income on a conventional loan? Answer: If your lender is willing, and the trend is increasing, the most amount of income you could use for OT for a borrower would be your 2018 + YTD approach.  The income is trending up and appears consistent, but the overall [...]

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Did you know that there are mortgage refinance programs that allow you to fix your home in the event of a disaster or add preventive upgrades just in case of a disaster? If this sounds interesting to you, let’s talk!

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