Fannie Mae will no longer require a borrower “name match” for a prior appraisal when determining if an appraisal can be waived.

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Big News! Freddie Mac has eliminated the “no income limit” for the low to moderate census tract properties! There is a small window of opportunity to use this option so call now if you want to take advantage of this!

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When it seems like you can’t find the right home, a fixer-upper may be a great solution! Contact me for some great solutions to help you finance the fixer-upper and renovate it at the same time!

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If a borrower has a primary source of income and also owns a small company as a second source of income, we are not required to count business losses from the borrower’s self-employed job against them. This is important to know if you’re still working and trying to build a company on the side.

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When purchasing a multi-unit property, FHA does not specify which unit can be used as rental income; however, the underwriter will review the unit sizes in comparison to the family size to determine if it makes sense.

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