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NMLS Adds More States to the Uniform State Test (UST)-Updated Adoption Table Dated 5-23-2017-Effective 9-16-2017July 2017
More states are adopting the UST (Uniform State Test) to make life easier for mortgage originators to do business in their state! Check out the latest states to accept the Uniform State Test in this most recent update. (NMLS Adds More States to the Uniform State Test (UST)-Updated Adoption Table-Dated 5-23-2017-Effective 9-16-2017 )
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NMLS – State-Specific Education Requirements – PE and CE (Effective March 29, 2017)May 2017
NMLS - Some states have updated their PE and CE hour requirements, along with a deadline for completion. This was updated on March 29, 2017. Download the document, find your state and read the FAQ’s.
NMLS – Criminal Background Checks for MU2 Filers and Accessing NMLS or NMLS Consumer Access – Release Notes 2016.3 – September 9, 2016 November 2016
NMLS has an important update with regard to filing your MU2. If this is your responsibility at your company, make sure you read this update. (NMLS Release Notes 2016.3-Dated September 12, 2016)
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NMLS MCR Enhancements 2016 – NMLS Mortgage Call Report Updates and Changes (Effective 4-1-2016)June 2016
NMLS Mortgage Call Reports have changed and been updated, so if this is your area of responsibility you’ll want to pay close attention to this article. (NMLS MCR Enhancements 2016 – NMLS Mortgage Call Report Updates and Changes)
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NMLS - FAQ for Issuance and Retention of – Rules of Conduct for Students (Effective March 1, 2015)March 2015
NMLS is trying to eliminate the possibility of a student not fully engaging or allowing someone to sit in their place for a pre-licensing or CE course in order to get the credits needed. To combat this, they are requiring all SAFE Act education classes to present a Rules of Conduct (ROC) document that the student must agree to prior to taking the class. This document will be kept on file by the provider, and if the provider suspects that any student is not complying with the Rules of Conduct, they may report that student to NMLS for investigation. (NMLS FAQ for Issuance and Retention of ROCS – February 4, 2015)
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NMLS and Uniform State Test (UST) Implementation – Enrollment Deadline March 31, 2014 March 2014
This is your opportunity to take one test to be eligible for a mortgage license in the approved states. For individuals who have previously passed the Retired National Test, the 25-question Stand-alone UST is only available for enrollment until March 31, 2014. Candidates who enroll before April 1, 2014 will have the usual 180-day window to schedule and take the test.
NMLS Adds Five More States for UST License (effective Oct 1, 2013)October 2013
Want to originate loans in Hawaii? Well, they are one of the states that recently adopted the Uniform State Test. That brings the total to 35. Remember, you have until March 31, 2014 to take one test and get approved in all 35 states.
NMLS to Enhance and Add Content on Portal - Release Update 2013.2 (Scheduled for Release June 22, 2013)July 2013
There are 25 pages describing the updates to the NMLS system. We’ve outlined a handful of things that will change for you. Bottom line: these changes will make it easier for states, employers and LO’s to have immediate access to Education Records and will allow for automatic status updates based on merged data that is being developed by a third party. This will make enforcement actions easier and more immediate when an individual LO does not have the necessary PE or CE courses taken or banked.