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What’s Included

  • Rule Updates from Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA, Credit & NMLS
  • Compliance Updates
  • “Ask the Expert”-Real Experts Answer Real Scenarios!
  • Charts & Checklists Reference Guides
  • Marketing Flyers with Timely Content on Rule Updates
  • Calendar Reminders BEFORE rules change
  • Social Media Posts
  • Video Classes

About Mortgage Currentcy

Since 2008, our team of experts have been interpreting Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA mortgage rules, government regulations, compliance issues, and NMLS licensing updates for loan originators, processors, underwriters, company owners and branch managers. It’s all written in plain English and broken down into bullet points so it’s easy to understand how each change affects your job and your loan files.

Your Subscription Options


Subscription Options

Monthly – 2 Issues per Month

Quarterly – 3 Months, 6 Issues

Annual – 12 Months, 24 Issues

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Team, Group and Enterprise Subscriptions Available!

What Is Mortgage Currentcy

Done-For-You Marketing Content

Let everyone know that you are the local mortgage expert. Simply download (or copy and paste) and add your contact info.

  • Mortgage Talking Points
  • Charts and Checklist
  • Social Media Posts
  • Tweets

Your Subscription Includes

Rules Issues

Charts and Checklists

Mortgage Talking Points

Ask the Expert

Q&A Issues

Subscriber Testimonials

I could go on and on saying positive things about the classes… I have attended many during my 30+ years in the industry and it was by far the best. The class was quick, precise and extremely informational.
Karen Werner, Mesa, AZ

I’m very excited about Mortgage Currentcy. I just had my assistant send out the Mortgage Talking Points. We have decided to mail them every month for one year. And your Question and Answer section on your website (Ask the Experts) just saved me a deal!
Ken, Strathie, Portsmouth, NH