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Rule & Regulation Updates Issue
Apr. 10, 2014
Universal Topics
Fair Housing – Review Checklist
CFPB - New Small Entity Compliance Guide Released for Integrated Disclosure Rules (Effective 8-1-2015)
Fannie Mae/Freddie in Brief
Fannie/Freddie – Guidance Related to Appraisal Requirements for Properties Located in Rural Areas – Bulletin 2014-5 & LL 2014-02.
Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae New Consumer HARP Marketing Materials Available – Making it Easier for You to Play the HARP – Link to HARP Marketing Material Examples
Fannie Quality Control [Download Chart/Checklist, Measuring Your Quality Control Program Worksheet]
Fannie - FAQ’s Updated for Project Insurance Requirements – April 8, 2014
VA Repair Inspection Processing Procedures – Cir. 26-14-8 dated March 24, 2014
VA Energy Efficient Mortgages [Download Mortgage Talking PointsTM flyer, VA Energy Efficient Mortgages - The Easy Way to Finance Home Improvements]
USDA Transitions to Automated Closings (Effective October 1, 2014)
USDA New Rural Areas Defined – AN 4748 (Effective May 6, 2014 and October 1, 2014)
FICO 9 – Credit Scoring Formula Updated For 2014
Question & Answer Issue
Mar. 25, 2014
Fannie Mae/Freddie in Brief
Gift Funds: With the rule on conventional loans that now allows a gift to be used for the entire down payment on a home, can a Bridal Registry be used for this the same way as an FHA loan? [Download Mortgage Talking PointsTM flyer, Say "I Do" to FHA Bridal Registry Account]
Fannie Mae
Employment Contracts: Borrower is currently finishing his PhD and has landed a 6-year contract to be a college professor. But he won’t start his job for 3 more months. Can he purchase before starting his job?
Freddie Mac
Turning Primary Home Into Rental Property: A client is purchasing a new home to be used as a primary residence, but they are keeping their current home and will be renting it out. Does Freddie Mac require the departing residence to have 30% equity? [Download Mortgage Talking PointsTM flyer, Freddie Mac Rules for Buying Primary Residence without Selling Current Home]
Seller-Held Second Mortgages: What are the guidelines for seller-held second mortgage on investment properties? [Download Mortgage Talking PointsTM flyer, How Seller-Held Second Can Qualify More Buyers]
LTV Two-Unit Property: What is the max LTV for a 2-unit property with a non-occupying relative co-borrower?
Appraisal Expiration: We closed a loan where the appraisal expired in FHA Connection prior to our underwriter getting a recertification of value. We are having problems getting it insured. Do you have any suggestions?
Paying Debt to Qualify: If an auto loan is paid down to 10 months or less, will the auto loan payment be removed from DTI?
Identity of Interest: I have a veteran who wants to buy his mother’s home. What are VA’s “identity of interest” guidelines?
Past Credit Problems: What is the minimum seasoning to apply for a USDA with a previous bankruptcy, foreclosure and short sale?
Loan Officer Name on Documents: Can you cite the regulation that states that the loan officer's name must be on the Note and Mortgage and do they have to match exactly the name on the 1003?
Settlement Cost Booklet: Can I email a borrower links on my website to download the Settlement Cost Booklet instead of emailing the booklet each time?
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